Die Geschichte vom Kleinen Troll

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Kapitel I - Wie Alles begann

Trolls really do exist, everywhere on earth. They live in large cavesHöhlen and tunnels below the ground with their families and friends .

Right there, in one of those cave-cities, lived the little troll, that plays the leadHauptrolle in our story.

It was a wednesdayMittwoch morning, one as there is in every week and the little troll's alarm clockWecker just rang.

The little Troll had his own small, cosygemütlich cave. It had a bed, a table, a chair and an oven to cook on.

It had two doors. One lead to his parentsEltern cave and one to the little troll's garden outside on the surfaceOberfläche.

Gardening was his favoritebevorzugt (lieblings-) thing in the world. Every day, right after getting up, he would look after his plants.

After a nice breakfastFrühstück, of tasty rootsWurzeln and tea, he went out into his garden. There were many flowersBlumen and beds full of vegetables, all planted by the little troll himsef. Fostered with a lot of love and a little magic.

Trolls can do magicZauber, not like a witch from a fairy taleMärchen, but nevertheless. He wore a magic bib overallLatzhose, and he could conjure up anything he wished for out of it's bib.

'The sun will be very hot today.', he thought.'My plantsPflanze need a little shadeSchatten!' Therefore he wanted to make the small tree besides the troll cave's entrance grow. Just a little bit, to give his plants some shade.

So he conjured a tiny bottle of magic plant-growing potion from his bib and seeped drops of it onto the trees roots. But he had forgotten to count the drops. Suddenly, the tree started growing rapidly. It grew and grew.

Scared of what he just had done, the little troll jumped back and saw what he had done. The tree had grown in front of the cave's door, blocking it. He could not get back into the caves.

Because of this, the little troll had to search for another entranceEingang into the troll's city, in order to get back to his family. But this could take a very long time. The entrances to the caves were very well hidden and our little troll had never used another one.

So he packed a bunch of vegetables, dug out his favorite flower, planted it into a flowerpotBlumentopf and got on his way to search for another way back home.

Once before he had heard other trolls talk about a different entrance, to the west behind the big forest.

At first he was afraid to go into the forestWald, but there was no other way. So he plucked up courageMut and walked on.

After wandering on for a while, he got to a small riverFluss. There he saw a beaverBieber desperately working on his damDamm. The dam was leaking and a fountain of water sprayed from a hole into the river.

"Hello!", the little troll said. "Can I help you?"

"Oh hello, I didn't see you there. Sure you can help me, thank you. My dam does not stop leaking and I don't know what to do.", the beaver said.

They looked at the problem for a while, then they tried to stuff the hole with mudSchlamm and sticks. After some time the two gave up.

"It's of no use.",the beaver said."Could you please go and ask the wise owl for advise? She always knows an answer. Sadly, I have to stay here and watch my dam."

The little troll agreed. Maybe the wise owlEule could tell him the way to the other entrance into the troll's caves. So he went on his way to visitbesuchen the wise owl.

Maybe the beaver showed him the wrong way or the little troll had made a mistakeFehler, because the way lead the little troll deeper into the forest and onto a large clearing.

A huge and very unfriendly looking red dragon stood on the clearingLichtung. The little troll was very scared. Just as he was about to run away, the dragon started speaking: "You are a troll, right? Please, don't be scared, I'm only a dragon."

"But dragons are very meanböse, aren't they?", the little troll said. "You ate the wise owl, didn't you?"

"No, I did not eat anybody! And I am not mean. That are just the storiesGeschichten, made up because we are a little bigger and because we can breath fire. And I cannot breath fire anymore, because an evil wizardZauberer took the flintrocks out of my teeth. Look."

The dragon opened his mouth, took a deep breathAtemzug and blew - but only a small ring of smokeRauch appeared. No fire could be seen.

The dragon was very sad, a big tearTräne rolled down his large red, scaly cheekWange.

"Oh, don't be sad. Maybe the wise owl will know advise. I was on the way to visit her, when I met you. I wanted to ask her, how to stuffstopfen the hole in the beaver's dam and if she could tell me the way home.

The dragon looked a little happier now and showed the little troll the way to the wise owl.

After a look at the dragon's teethZähne, the little troll went on his way.

After a short walk, he reached a large clearing with a treeBaum in the middle. On the tree sat a large eagle owl and slept. The troll walked up to the tree and shyly cleared his throatsich räuspern. "Excuse me? Hello? Are you awake?", he asked gently.

The owl slowly opened one eye and asked with a friendly voice:"Who is there?"

"Hello, I am a little troll. Are you the wise owl?", the little troll asked. "I need help. The beaver sent me, his dam is leaking. On my way I met a dragon, whose flintrocks were stolen from his teeth and replaced with corks by an evil wizard. He can't breath fire anymore. And I would like to know the way home, there is supposed to be an entrance to the west.

"Calm down my little friend, one thing after another."

"Let's start with the dragon.", the owl said. "You have to replace the corksKorken in his teeth with flintrocksFeuersteine, then he will be able to breathe fire again. Look around the clearing and you will find some nice flintrocks. Go back to the dragon and help him, then come back here and bring me the corks."

"Thank you very much!", said the little troll and started searching around. After a few minutes he had found two nice round flintrocks.

The little troll rushed back to the big, red dragon and told him of the owl's idea. The dragon gladly let him remove the corks from his teeth. The flintrocks fit perfectly into the holesLöcher and soon the dragon was very happy again.

"Thank you so much.", the dragon said. He almost started to cry again.

"Oh, don't cryweinen dear dragon.", the little troll said. "Better try breathing fire now."

The dragon once more took a deeptief breath and behold, the fire had returned.

After he had full heartedly breathed fire a few times, the dragon turned to the little troll and said:

"If you ever need my help, just call me. My name is Smorr."

"I will, dear Smorr!", the little troll said. "Sadly you cannot understand my name, because it is in troll. Just call me the little troll instead."

The little troll took the corks, said goodbyeAuf Wiedersehen and off he went back to the owl.

When the little troll arrived at the owl's tree, she had already found a solution for the beaver's problem. Or did she think of this from the start?

"Take one cork and bring it to the beaver. The cork should fill the hole in the dam. When you two are finished, come back to me. Then we will get you back home."

"Oh thank you very much, dear owl!", said the little troll.

"Call me Timotheus." the wise owl said and smiled gently. "I know that your name cannot be pronounced that easy - but I am sure we will find a solutionLösung for that also."

The little troll was very happy again and hurried back to the beaver's dam at the river.

The beaver smiled when he saw the troll arrive.

He was very exited about the owl's idea. With joined effort and the cork, the two managed to stuff the hole in no time. Happy, the beaver, whose name was Harold, hugged the little troll.

"The wise owl wants us both to come back to her.", the little troll said.

Harold was in favor right away and so the two went on their way.

On the way, the little troll told the beaver the whole story about the accidentUnfall that locked the entrance to the troll's cave and how much he missed his family already.

Harold promised him: "I will accompany you on the way home, and if we don't find the western entrance, then I will fell the big tree that blocks your cave's door. Beaver's can fell trees, you know."

As they arrived on the owl's clearing, Smorr the dragon was already there and talked to Timotheus.

"Ah, there you are.", the owl said. "Now that we are all together, I have to ask you all a question."

Puzzled the troll, the beaver and the dragon looked at each other.

"How about a little adventureAbenteuer?", Timotheus asked.

"But I got to go homeZuhause. My parents and the others surely miss me. Another adventure would be fun, though.", said the little troll.

"Of course we will bring you to your parents first and we will promise them to watch over you. What do you two others think of a little adventure?"

Harold and Smorr exchanged a glanceStrahlen, then they nodded their heads and said: "We're in!"

The little troll and Harold the beaver climbed on Smorrs back and Smorr took of with big flaps of his wingsFlügel. Timotheus flew in front of them and shouted: "Let' go! Follow me, I know the way!"

So, the four friends flew into their first adventure - but that is another story and will be told at another time.

to be continued...


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